April 13, 2012

Froggy Friends.

Hello, we are little orange frogs. We are scared.
"I've never heard these noises before! Where are we?" My froggy friend said to me.
"Oh no! I don't like this, I want to go back to the other tank, this one keeps moving."
"It's okay," I said to my froggy friend. "Soon we're going to find a new home and we won't be bumped around anymore."
We wriggled and swam around our tiny tank together. We got lots of attention from new humans. They said we are cute.
"Yay! We're cute! Froggy friend, what does 'cute' mean?"
"I'm not sure. I really hope they won't eat us because we're cute." I said.
"We're too cute to be eaten, I think. Froggy friend, let's be more cute so the humans won't eat us!" My froggy friend suggested.

Oh, silly frogs. I won't eat you. We will be best friends and I'll talke good care of you.
I love my frogs!

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