May 3, 2012


I won't be near a computer at all tomorrow, so I thought I'd just do this a day early. It's short...I might use it sometime in the future. Enjoy.

Loneliness is so strange.
It’s like a cigarette.

Think about it.

At first, it’s kind of cool. It makes you look mysterious and secretive, like you’re too cool to talk to those people are to go to that place. You’d rather be by yourself and do whatever you want. People look at you and wonder who you are, where you came from, and what you’re doing.

But after a while, you can’t seem to function without it. You become worn out and sick, and finally, it completely destroys you and the person that you used to be. You start to wonder what your life could have been like without it, opportunities you missed out on, and the people you could have met.

At the end, you’re miserable.

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