May 16, 2012

A Longing For... A Desire... A NEED.

Everything became a blur, there was smoke everywhere and I could no longer see their faces. It was inside of Cory’s old apartment, it started in his upstairs living room then we went downstairs to the basement. I could sense the presence of about five human beings other than myself, but I didn’t know who. I couldn’t see who. I knew one of them was Cory… One of them had to be Cory… Right? The smoke… The smell… It was overwhelming. It all came together at once yet, I couldn’t understand it. I had so many unanswered questions that I needed so badly to be answered. Why was I there? Who was I with? Was SHE there? Would THEY bring me any harm? I walked over to the circle of chairs I remembered so well. I sat down and I looked around. I got a very short glimpse of their faces, but not a long enough glimpse to have any clue as to who they were. What I did notice in my tiny glimpse was they were all white skinned. The smoke rolled back in and I inhaled the smell of the marijuana. I think… I almost… Liked it… No, I’m lying. I did like it… I missed it… I wanted it… I NEEDED it… But, I couldn't have it. I couldn't stoop that low... Not again.

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