February 24, 2012

Hey guys! So I wrote this for one of our writing exercises. It's not finished, but I think it's a good start to something bigger. Any suggestions as to what should happen next? I'm a bit stuck.

There is no way to prepare a tourist for the weirdness that is Portland. They come for coffee and Voodoo Doughnuts, and leave with the smell of rain stuck to their skin and some of the most interesting stories to tell their friends and family back home. Most of the stories are about the people. From the Jimi Hendrix impersonator at the Saturday Market, to the folk musicians on the street, to the impossibly thin but incredibly hip college kids in American Apparel, Portland is home to the most unique people the planet has to offer.
Then, there was Holly.
She had gone to Sunset High School, and she looked like every other girl who went there. She was thin as a rail, she wore vintage dresses every day, her nose was pierced and she had glasses. She ate only organic, and she stressed the importance of recycling. She had perfect grades and spent her weekends sketching at the Rose Garden. Her hair color changed frequently, she lived off of black coffee, and spent most of her money at the Saturday Market. At a glance, Holly was no different than any other student there. But her peers knew that she was not an average high schooler. They didn’t know what it was; they only knew that she was much more than a model student. And they were right-Holly wasn’t your typical high school girl.

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