February 13, 2012

writing exercise.

I really can't think.
My mind is an ocean,
Where ships always sink.
I go through the motions,
Giving all my devotion-
To myself.
I don't need your help,
I don't need your comfort.
I live for my own.
Indulgence at its finest.
And you still sit on your high and mighty throne.
Those who live forever,
Really never live at all.
I stick myself together.
I am the fallen,
The diseased,
The insane.
You complain of your persecution,
Yet I am the only one condemned.
I've never been so angry,
At such hypocrisy,
Your blindness.
What happened to kindness?
Just sent me free,
For you are the true enemy.
The reason why so many have turned away.
I won't stay trapped in your box.
Don't try to save me,
You are the ones who made me-
The way I am today.
I guess I'm just trying to say,
Don't point your finger at me.
Because truthfully-
You do more evil than me.
I'd never do to anyone
What you did to me.
But I'd like to thank you-
For making me who I am.
I see the light.
But not in the way you planned,
I am nothing but human.
I am punished for being born.
"In God we trust."
"One nation, under God."

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