February 14, 2012

Loney Day

The smell of roses filled the air so did love. This was a horrible day for charles he couldnt talk to any girl . He was too shy never went up to any girl. He was to shy to go up to a girl an actually talked to her. So he was always loney on this day. He called it loney day even though he was loney everyday of there year this day made him feel espically loney. So he just stayed home an slept all day. He could not watch TV becasue there was valentines spceails on. So he just stayed home doing nothing at all. Later on that day he hears at a knock at the door he answers it. Its a delivery man with a box of choclate an a card. He reads it , its from the lovely ladie down the hall. He says can i send something back so he sends here a box of chocolate an flowers an a card back. Than she comes over an than spend valentines day.

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