February 19, 2012

Helmets Save Lives

"Yo, hit that jump." Ryan says, egging me on.
"Are you crazy? I'll kill myself, you do it." I look over at his partially covered face as we travel up on the mountain.
"Nah man, I'm good." he says and starts bobbing his head to whatever music he's listening to. I pull my bandana over my mouth and nose to keep out the biting wind that's kicked up. I mess around with my helmet strap, trying to tighten it but give up after a few tries, letting it hang loosly on my head.
"Bar." I lift up the bar that sits across our lap right before we're about to get off the chairlift. Me and Ryan both glide easily off and push over to the side of the trail to strap in.
"Are you gunna' do it?" Ryan asks and I stare at him.
"Are you serious?"
"Chyea I'm serious. Do it pussy." I strap my feet in extra tight and stand up.
"Fine, but I'm not doing any tricks."
"Fair enough." Me and Ryan cruise into to the terrain park, hitting a few smaller features on the way down but stop when we come to the embankmeant before the jump. I try to tighten my helmet again with no success.
"What am I doing?" I whisper to myself as I stare at the 40 foot gap between the lip of the jump and the landing zone.
"What?" asks Ryan.
"I said I'm going to do it." I stand up and feel my stomach drop. Ryan gives me a reassuring push and I'm on my way, zooming down towards the monster.
200 feet away, 100 feet away and before I can back out I bend my knees and pop off of the jump.
I don't have a chance to look around but I figure I must be about 15 feet in the air when my helmet flies off. While I'm descending, a wind kicks up, and starts to push me like a kite. I flail my arms as I feel the edge of the board come into contact with the snow and I black out.

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