February 22, 2012

The Change

The Change
By: Nicholas Feth

I don’t know if it’s right, but I am still going to continue to do so. I will continue to protect her even though she might have done something wrong. I don’t know whether or not to approach her to tell her of the danger she is in. I walk forward toward the ones following her and as she rounds the corner I grab them, not with my true arm but with the arm that is transformed due to an outbreak years ago.
The years ago were that I had gotten bit by a thing called a Lycanthrope or easier said and much better known as a Werewolf. I am half Werewolf at the time but it is spreading. I have not had this much pain dealt to me in all my years of living but due to the half Werewolf transformation I can deal with the pain much easier.
I followed her everywhere. If she knew she would probably call me a stalker but I don’t think of it like that. I think of it as protecting against further harm. The reason I have to do this is because of me. I didn’t know that they knew that I was a Werewolf but now I guess they do. If I had known they knew then I would have never been watching her.
They saw me watching her and tried to capture her for bait to make me come to them. It would have worked if I hadn’t already turned to a werewolf somewhat but now that I have I am stronger than anyone of them. That is my story as to why I am this way now I will take you to the present where now I am still to this day following her.
She saw me today. She saw me before but this time her eyes stayed and for a minute. My mind was in a war with itself as I fought the urge to run up to her and tell her everything. But I couldn’t condemn her like that, not with them following me. They were the company of doctors and agents working together to get me and my power.
The other wolves have been captured but they were all not pure enough for the power to be taken from their blood. I was only pure enough due to the fact the eldest had gave me his power. The eldest was named Narvas and he died after giving me all his powers.
I never made another wolf for the fear of them being captured and killed. I was deep in thought as she approached and so I didn’t notice until she said, “Hi I am Jenny. And you?” I stood there quiet them answered, “My name is Nick. I am sorry.” I say lowering my head since I am still a wolf I have their personality and traits like bowing my head in sadness.
“For what? We have only just met. Well I have just met you but it seems you have known me much longer haven’t you, Nick.” She said lingering on my name. The way she was smiling made me not afraid anymore and I decided to tell her everything.
I asked her to follow me and she did so. We went to an old abandoned warehouse and started off with telling her of the outbreak and of me getting bit by the Werewolf. She listened and never looked afraid. When I finished she smiled. I asked, “What are you smiling at?” she answered with something more than what words could tell me.
She kissed me. Not a peck on the cheek or lips but an actual passionate kiss that made me not want to live without her any longer. We stayed there for what seemed like hours and then she bit my lip not very hard just enough to create a cut then I felt her bite herself and my own blood mixing with hers as she was becoming just like me.
I didn’t stop when she stopped bleeding. But after she began to hold her chest above her heart I held her close for I knew for the next couple days she would have to endure this pain until the transformation began its first appearance. I pulled off my jacket and put it around her because I knew she would have to stay here to not wake anyone with her cries of pain.
Every day for the next two days I was with her and I had to keep her in the woods because, at random times she would let out a slight cry as the pain increased drastically. I was surprised she wasn’t screaming as much pain she was going through. She was strong and I was glad to have her.
I slowly open my eyes till I notice she is still. She is not twisting and turning in her sleep. I look over and she is sleeping quietly with a smile. I see no immediate transformation and I smile thinking about something I read a long time ago. I remember that there are a rare few who don’t have to live with a part of the transformation and I think this is best for her.
I was glad she would not have to go through the transformation process. I picked her up and held her closer as she woke with no pain. She smiled noticing and grabbed me around the neck as she hugged me. I gently set her down and told her about the book I had once read.
She understood what I was telling her and she tried to transform into full wolf. She actually turned into a werewolf then and there and I smiled again knowing she might be more pure than me. Usually it only works like this if you have a direct blood line to the Eldest. Maybe she does I thought.
I passed the thought to the back of my mind and began to talk to her for awhile. I looked at her in the wolf form and noticed even though I didn’t recognize her outside appearance I still could sense it was her. Was that a wolf thing or just because I turned her or even because I loved her?
          It was the first time I actually saw a full wolf form so I gazed at the creature in front of me. We were bipedal so we could walk on two legs no problem. I asked her to do what she instinctively would do and so she left all of a sudden I was curious so I waited for awhile. When she returned she was carrying a deer dead in her mouth.
She feasted on its stomach and when she was done there was still a bit left. I decided to try it so I grabbed a piece with my werewolf claw and took a huge bite. It was delicious. I grabbed more and more until there was no more left to grab. I continued to lick the bones clean.
When I was done I looked at her. She was sitting there in human form clothes ripped up laughing at me. I smiled a bit too much and she then proceeded to laugh even harder. I watched as she fell to the ground rolling on the dusty floor laughing.
When she was done I walked over, lie beside her and put my arm over her side. We fell asleep after about twenty minutes or so. I awoke to her still in my arms sleeping but turned toward me instead of away. I got up being sure not to wake her and climbed to the roof. I sat there and watched the sun rise. It was a beautiful day today, sun shining no clouds. It was warm. I heard her behind me and turned to see her.
I turned red in the face as I saw that her clothes were ripped to near nothing. She began to giggle and I turned back toward the sun embarrassed as hell. She walked over and leaned on me which made me feel better. “You know what Jenny.” I say with my southern accent. “What?” she says looking back up to me. “I think today is going to be a good day. Let’s get you some clothes then go somewhere together get something to eat. She smiled then said, “I’d like that.” then leaned back on my shoulder.
We left around six in the morning to her house which was through a park that has been abandoned for years. We pass the park and I give her my sweater to cover herself somewhat. We leave for her house and make it without any commotion. When we get there she tells me to climb up to her window and unlock it from the inside.
I get inside and look at her room. A sky blue her room is cleaned up nicely and her bed made as well. I go downstairs with ease and unlock the door. When inside she tells me that I don’t have to sneak as there is no one here to hear me. I smile again as I feel stupid for being all ninja. We go to her room and she picks out a nice red dress.
I grab her before she puts anything on and pull her atop me. I hold her there just looking at her then say, “Thank you.”
“For what?” She asks. “For not leaving me when I told you what I was.” I said closing my eyes as she leaned down onto my chest. “I couldn’t ever leave you. I may barely know you but, I feel that I have known you much longer and feel like I was meant to be with you.”
After she is done dressing we leave for a nice looking restaurant called Scarlet Red. When inside it turns out to be near empty. That is good for us and we ask for a table near the back. She sets us up in the farthest away and we both ask for our food. I get a medium quesadilla with water and she gets pasta and water as well.
We finish eating then leave for her house again when we get there she goes in a gets dressed then tells her parents, who are home now, she is leaving out for awhile. She comes outside and we leave for the woods. When we get there I see a tree bigger than any before that I have seen. I climb it in no time and she is right behind me. We jump from tree to tree catching branches at the last second each time.
She follows behind then does something new. She jumps to the trunk and starts bouncing off of them. I never tried this and wanted to give it a shot. I jump down to the trunk hit it hard then shoot off onto the next tree. I did it and continued on to no specific place. I see her laying face up in the dirt so I jump down and lay there beside her.
We lay there for hours looking at the stars. She rolls over into my arms and I pull her onto my chest. She falls asleep and I decide to stay up for awhile to think. I pull my sweater over her and climb a tree nearby. I stay close by just in case something happens. I sit there in the tree smiling looking down on her.
I look up at the stars and imagine them dancing around until they turn to wolves fighting and tearing each other’s limbs off. Then the fighting stops many are left dead and I don’t know who it is that was fighting. The wolf looks at me then howls at the moon. I wake howling at the moon as my flesh tears off to make way for the fur coming up. I have fully changed.
Tell me what you think of this short story. It is long sorry if youd rather it be shorter.

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  1. I liked the story =] Im always a sucker for things werewolf xD There were only a few things that needed to be revised, and a few words need to be switched up but besides that its a good idea!