February 13, 2012


“I’m done playing games tonight” he says and pushes Alex. Alex scrambles backwards and falls onto the ground. He doesn’t even manage to move before the kid is on top of him, right in his face. All of the dealers’ idiot friends are starting to lurk around them and one of them makes his way towards me. Before I even know what I’m doing, I hit the kid in the face, push him down and he rolls into the group of people surrounding Alex. In the two seconds of confusion, I manage to pull Alex up and we’re both running for our lives.
Without saying a word to each other, I take a sharp right down an alleyway and I can here Alex right next to me with the 5 dealers chasing us not too far behind. When we round another corner I manage to sneak a look over my shoulder and I see four people gaining on us and Alex is already starting to get fatigued.
We burst out onto Main Street again and I jump over the hood of a car as it screeches to a stop. I don’t hear Alex anymore, and I don’t sense him near me so I pour it on and sprint as quickly as I can down the street. The pounding of a thousand pairs of shoes is right behind me and the only thing I can think about is survival. Just when I start to lose hope, I see the light at the bottom of the street turn red which can only mean one thing; the moving truck on the left side of the intersection (by the Dunkin’ Donuts) is about to cross through the intersection at the same time I am. I run faster than I could’ve even thought possible but I can practically hear someone breathing down my neck as I sprint in between a pick-up truck and a sedan. All of a sudden, there it is, the huge, white moving truck turning right next to me. In an all-too perfect move, I reach up and grab the handle on the back of it, swing my legs up and stand ruggedly on the platform, making my hasty get away.
I chance a look back at the direction I came to see two people standing at the intersection, panting, heads hanging in defeat. I allow myself a small smile and hold on for dear life as I speed away into the night air.
Can you invision this?

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  1. Great details, I could see it all in my mind. I like it.