October 24, 2010

Fog Diner

“You’ve got mail!” sounded through the dark office of an anxious 27 year old man named Jimmy, he rushes towards the computer, and triple clicks the e-mail he has just received and it pops open instantly. “I hate the taste of liver; we should just go to a diner or something. I’m, so happy I have finally found someone… like me.” Jimmy was e-mailing a new lady friend named Shelia, a pen-pal from a couple towns over that he met on a special blog. Jimmy has had trouble dating before in the past due to uncontrolled conditions and is happy to find someone that he has a lot in common with. Jimmy replies quickly stating he is more than ok with going to a diner and he will meet her at the Fog Diner around 6 o’clock.

A couple hours later Jimmy was driving to the Fog Diner he had been thinking about the date all day. He was nervous now because he could not remember the last time he had been on a real date with a girl.

When Jimmy arrived at the diner he left his car and walked towards the entrance to the diner to wait for Shelia. 7 minutes later Shelia showed up in her Red Hyundai, parked and approached Jimmy. Jimmy was very excited to see Shelia was a beautiful tall strawberry blonde woman with dazzling features. They greeted each other with great excitement and walked into the restaurant. Once they were in the restaurant and settled down the two conversed about their days for a brief moment and then the waiter approached their table. They both ordered red wine and a shared a side of bread sticks for the appetizer, for the meals Jimmy ordered a double big-boi bacon burger, and Shelia ordered a buffalo hot-shit chicken salad. Jimmy was in no mood to save his appetite and chowed down on the small order of breadsticks. They both made small talk for the beginning of their night not really knowing much to say until finally their meals arrived. “I love this diner” Shelia said as the waiter placed a steaming plate in front of her. “Agreed! Best diner around in my opinion” Jimmy replied. They both indulged into their meals with no hesitation. After about 15 minutes it was around 7 o’clock now. “So, it is almost time now Shelia” Jimmy said suddenly. “Yes, I know I didn’t want to bring it up yet.. I am excited for what is to come.” She replied. “Yes I am very happy I have found someone so similar to me, especially such a beautiful woman like you.” They smiled at each other and then Jimmy whispered “you said a fox right?”

When they were both done dinner around 7:30 Jimmy immediately put one finger up in the air for the check. The waiter crept over and placed the leather case onto the table and Jimmy placed a $50 dollar bill in the case without hesitation. “We must get going now we have little time.”

Surrounding the Fog diner was a large river named the fog river, that a narrow path ran along and every morning fog would rise from the river giving the river and the diner the name their names. When Jimmy and Shelia exited the restaurant they headed over to the path that the fog river ran along and they began heading down the path. It was a cool summer night and it was now around 8 o’clock as the two characters were walking down the path silently. “I am nervous for what is about to come” Shelia said quietly. “Don’t be nervous Shelia, we have something special within us just be happy we have each other now. Shelia smiled as they continued walking.

The two came to a river bank as the sun was finally about to set. “So I guess this is it now, are you ready?” said Jimmy. “Well I don’t really have a choice now do I?” she replied. “I guess not” he said chuckling.

As the sun went down a very mystical thing occurred. Shelia and Jimmy both were Animagi’s, this is a condition when a individual turns into an animal as the sun sets. Shelia was a fox, and Jimmy was a spider monkey. As the sun set on the two individuals they sat beside each other knowing the extreme and rare occurrence that was about to happen. Screeches and howls could be heard for miles away as the two half animal half human’s turned into their primal selves.

All went silent for a brief moment when Shelia and Jimmy were finally transformed until they both woke. Jimmy a black spider monkey had large beady eyes with a thick coat of fur, while Shelia was almost as beautiful as before, a red fox as sleek as when the fog river is frozen.

After the transformation was complete all was quiet. Jimmy crawled over towards Shelia and gently moved in for the kiss.

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