October 29, 2010

The Medallion of Power

She ran and ran until she couldn’t run anymore. When she couldn’t continue, she sat down behind a tree to try and calm down. Eliza was only sixteen and already feared for her life. She was in a thin patch of woods somewhere behind her house. She didn’t know why but people had been trying to kill her ever since she turned sixteen, two weeks ago. Four people had come for her but they were never able to kill her. The fifth though, Eliza thought, might succeed. He had showed up at her house about thirty minutes ago. She was asleep in her room when she heard her door quietly being opened. She thought it was her parents so she turned around but when she opened her eyes, it wasn’t her parents but a tall man in a black leather jacket. She screamed and jumped up. He ran to her and tried to grab her but she kicked and screamed some more. Somehow she knocked him out and then ran into the hallway. She kept running until she was out the front door and on the street. She quickly decided to hide in the woods in the back of her house. She had been running for fifteen minutes when she stopped to catch her breath.

It was freezing outside and all she had on was her blue pajamas, her gray sweatshirt, and the necklace her grandma had given her when she died. She took her light brown hair out of its pony tail and soon felt reassured by its soft strawberry sent. Her necklace is an oval shaped red stone with a gold chain. She never took it off except for when she took a shower and even then she didn’t feel like herself without it on. Her grandma had died four years ago and Eliza had felt a new part of herself open up when she put the inherited necklace on.

This is the beginning of one of my second short story. Any feedback would help.

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