October 29, 2010

Once upon a.....unicorn?

Once there was this ugly looking unicorn named Kitty. Kitty was ashamed that he wasn't as beautiful as the other unicorns. He was all black, while his friends were beautiful splashes of rainbows with colors ranging from bright baby blue, to neon yellow. As you can tell, there weren't ordinary rainbows where they came from. Kitty kept getting picked on because of how different he looked. Once day Kitty finally got fed up with all the teasing that he decided to make a cure for his color. He tried everything from eating tropical skittles, to painting himself, to rolling around in bright flowers. Nothing seemed to work. A very sad Kitty sat on the river bank, out of ideas. He kicked a rock into the water, and flinched when the water splashed up back at him. His big eyes grew wide when he saw streakes of color! The drops of water were revealing what was under the black! Kitty sprang into the river, shaking and twisting around. And when he came out, he was all colorful! Once he was clean he could clearly see that he was colorful all along. He admired himself because his colors were brighter and prettier than all the others. Kitty laughed to himself because he had no idea he had just been a dirty unicorn all along!! So what do you imagine the scenery to be like?

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