October 29, 2010

The Life of an Employee at a Nursing Home

Working at the Huntingtonin Nashua has been a very intreresting experience to endure. I have met a lot of cool people at the Huntington and recieved a lot of money not to mention very good work experience. I plan to stay working at the Huntington for the remainder of High school and return to the Huntington when I am home from college. I have learned a very valuable lesson by working at a nursing home also. The lesson the Huntington taught me was to never live in a nursing home. To spend everyday of the end of one's life doing such repetitive and boring activites for such a long while seems so pointless to me. I plan to live my life out until i can no longer, when it comes time I am no longer in the psychological state I should be in I will attempt to reverse the state or let my soul move on. Living in such depressing conditions as a nursing home never seemed as an option to me.

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