October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween (Nothing to do with Halloween)

This was the picture exercise we did in class. My image was one of a beach with gentle waves, a peninsula, and a random Coke sign at the end of the peninsula. Comments? Thoughts?

The waves continued to crash against the peninsula while some just flowed up to the beach before retreating back to the ocean. People went on playing in the surf while some simply laid on the beach tanning. The random Coca-Cola sign at the end on the peninsula made beach goers thirsty. It was calm and sunny. A perfect day.
But suddenly, something on the horizon disturbed the serene setting. A wave over 100 feet high was heading towards shore. Left and right beach goers ran inland, trying to outrun the massive tsunami. It took less than 30 seconds before the wave reached the shore.
Palm trees were ripped from the ground and buildings were either damaged or leveled completely. People disappeared as the wave caught up with them. The only noise that could be heard was the rush of water and the wave crashing against buildings and the ground. Screams were drowned out by the gargantuan wall of water.
Within a matter of minutes, the tropical paradise had been reduced to a watery graveyard.

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