October 29, 2010

The End

The last picture of the world as we knew it was taken on December 21st, 2012, or better known as the End Day. Estimates as to where the picture was taken range from New Mexico to Peru, but scientists are now focusing on one specific region where they believe the photo was taken, Belize. Judging by the degree of shadow and carbon dating, scientists have managed to calculate down to a quarter second as to what time it was taken. According to these estimates, the first meteor crashed down into the Earth just a half second after the photo was snapped. Many others followed, completely reforming the Earth's crust, the only survivors of the tragic event being the scientists who knew about it beforehand, and had built underground shelters. The most fascinating thing about this photograph is how it was preserved among the debris from the end of the world. The very fact that the process by which this photograph was preserved is an extremely rare event, is what makes this picture the most valuable artificat in the Old World History Museum.

This was about the last photo taken before the end of the world, and it's supposed to be a description of an artifact in a museum from the new world.

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