October 29, 2010

A Poem for the Dead

Sunlight shines on the cemetery,
Gray stones marking the dead,
Two sentinels watching me,
After death there is nothing to be said.
I look at the photograph, then back,
A pair of black eyes staring at me,
But in the photograph,
Her figure I cannot see.
The green doors open behind her,
A loud groan resounds,
She reaches out to me,
But with her, I am not bound.
I hear her voice,
She begs, she pleads,
She wants to take me down the underworld,
She wants me to follow her lead.
I shake my head,
I tell her no,
I am still alive,
And she must go.
So a cold gust hits my body,
A tense silence between us,
She turns around and walks away,
I did want to go with her, but resist I must.
So now I am alone,
The two guardians still cold stone,
I once loved her,
But now to see her, it shakes me to the bone.

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