March 23, 2012

Tom Sheldon

I take a bite of one of the thousand protein bars I've managted to store and head out. I walk outside of the bunker and make my way into what's left of the Earth. It's been almost a 20 years since the space colonies left Earth and all that is left now is a radically changing world. After the No Escape bombers attacked the Richard Branson in orbit, the world start to fall into chaos. The ships left Earth and all that was left was a shaky government and radical religious and terrorist groups jockying for power.
My grandparents managed to keep themselves safe and alive until they had my parents who, in thrill of thinking they only had a day to live, created me.
I am Tom Sheldon, and for as long as I can remember, I've been on my own. I scrambled to find a home in the insuing chaos of the darpture but found only solitude. The Radicals changed the government and after fighting with each other and everyone else, the world collasped. Cities became war zones, people would kill one another for a bottle of water. Slowly and surely, the population dwindled until it wasn't even a shadow of its former self.
I don't know much past that but what I do know is how to stay alive
-Tom Sheldon

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