March 16, 2012

Black Widow

                Kenny was a serial killer who took one more victim than he needed. Twelve people died by Kenny and there was one more on his list. Kenny threw the victim into the cage and watched as the victim ran from the hyenas. The victim ran up a wall and grabbed the caged roof. Kenny threw a switch and electricity shot threw the cage and the victim. Kenny laughed “ What’s wrong boy, can’t get up.” He continued to laugh and the victim got back up and continued to run.
            The victim saw a cord hanging from the cage from where Kenny was sitting and also saw it was wrapped around Kenny’s ankle. He ran toward the wall jumped up it and grabbed the cord. He yanked it down and Kenny fell forward into the cage. It bent and then broke after a few seconds and the victim was out. He turned to see Kenny begging for mercy but he left him laying there before he left he saw a switch and it said alternate cage. He pulled it and another cage fell down and replaced the broken one leaving Kenny stuck inside.
            Kenny sat there for days only eating the raw flesh of the Hyenas which made him extremely sick but it kept him alive. He heard something one day and started yelling for help. He saw who it was and his eyes lost the look of hope. He was begging for mercy but the victim said no. “Who are you?” Kenny asked. “I am Officer Nicholas Feth. I have been hunting scum like you hoping to find the one that killed my wife. Jackie you know her because if you pass this test I’ll let you go.” Nick said calmly. “Ok yeah I killed her nice and slow, she suffered worse than anyone of my victims because she was the wife of a cop! I killed her so slowly she was in pain for hours before she died.” Kenny said then laughed.
 “So you going to let me go my friend?” Kenny asked. “No I am not I said if you passed the test, you failed and now you going to pay.” Nick said angrily. He tranquilized him and dragged him out of the cage and into a van out front. He threw gas tanks all over the area then put a fuse in the middle lit it and ran for the van. He drove off and after he rounded the corner an explosion came from the building knocking out the glass in buildings around him.
            Nick took Kenny to an old mining bunker and made sure it was sealed. He strapped Kenny to a desk and left till he woke up. When Kenny woke up he tried to escape but couldn’t get the strength to do so. Nick walked in and said, “Well well Kenny doesn’t it frighten you that you’re going to suffer just like my wife did?” Kenny spit in his face. “ I’m not afraid of death I own it you can’t kill me.
            “Oh I’m not going to kill you. But my friend here the Black Widow spider is going to kill you nice and slow.” Nick said. He took the spider out of a box and brought it over to Kenny. ”Man I’m sorry I’ll pay you anything you want I’ll pay it no I’ll triple it please don’t kill me.” Kenny begged. Nick opened Kenny’s mouth and shoved the spider in and held Kenny’s mouth shut.
            Kenny started to cry as the spider bit him again and again non-stop. “ Do you want it to stop Kenny?” Nick asked. Kenny shook his head yes. “Well to bad.” Nick said still angry. Kenny swallowed by accident and the spider went down. Nick laughed and said, " You better hope it dies quickly or it's really going to hurt."
            He left him there and was thinking that he wouldn't come back that he'd just leave him there to die.

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