March 22, 2012

The Change (Revised)

I Revised The Change Tell me what you think.

Years ago I was born from a woman of great power, so I was told. I never actually met her though. Not that I can remember at least. She disappeared and was never heard from. Some say she ran away, that she was too strong to be killed or taken. I hope it’s that she ran rather than she was murdered.
I am now a sixteen year old and have been a sixteen years old for three years due to the fact that I do not age. I am a werewolf I became a werewolf a long time ago and ever since that day my species has been wiped out. I have not turned a person into a werewolf ever and do not plan on turning anyone. I have been protecting someone though. I do not know much about her other than she is sixteen and her name is Jenny.
I watch over her as if I was a guardian angel, of course I am not pure enough at heart to be a guardian angel, but I will always look over her. Nothing like me is after her just humans, thieves to be exact. She is beautiful therefore she is always in danger from these types of people. She sometimes sees me and I wonder if she ever recognizes me from the last times she has seen me.
I was in thought as she walked over to me.”So what’s your name?” she asks quietly. I stand there in awe as I think, Why is she talking to me I have been following her for quite some time now.” My name is Nick. I am sorry Jenny I didn’t mean to…” I say as she cuts me off. “To protect me from thieves and rapists? That isn’t something to be sorry for. You have done something that I really must say thank you for.”
“How did you know this?” I ask. She replies in a tone that sounds amused. “I have seen them be killed by you a few times, others I heard them scream.”
She kissed me lightly then said thank you. I asked her to follow me and she did so. We went to an old abandoned warehouse and started off with telling her of what I heard about my mother and of me becoming a werewolf because the eldest took a liking to me... She listened and at times looked a little hesitant on staying but in the end listened for the whole story. When I finished she smiled. I asked, “What is it?” she said it was nothing then leaned onto my shoulder.
We talk for hours and after we got to know each other. “Nick I want to know if perhaps I could become a werewolf with you to be at your side.” I sat there in awe as I let the words sink in. I shook my head in a motion saying yeah. I kiss her and then bite her just enough to get blood then bit myself to mix both bloods.
I slowly open my eyes and notice she is still. I pull her close knowing she will have to go through a little bit of pain for awhile. She starts to cry lightly as the pain settled in. I stayed by her side for the next two days keeping her company. I never left no matter how hungry I was. I woke up to my stomach growling so I went hunting for awhile on the third day.
I end up grabbing a few squirrels and then head back to the ware house. I build a fire and put the squirrels on a stick to cook them. She wakes up then comes outside to greet me. “Good morning Jenny. How are you feeling?” I ask her this even though I know her answer is going to be she is good. “I’m fine thanks.” She smiles then sits next to me wrapped up in my sweater I put on her.
I put my arm around her and give her one of the squirrels. She happily eats it. I finished mine before her. I pulled her beside me and said, “I think we are going to have to see what you can do so far.” She understands and pulls off the sweater. I tell her to do what her instincts tell her. She nods then closes her eyes.
I watch as her body becomes furry. She gets on all fours and her hands and feet become paws. She grows a tail and then her ears point up. Her mouth grows out and she has finished her transformation. Her fur is a light brown that matches the trees around us. She looks up at the blue sky and howls. I watch as the tree move with the howl’s tune. I transform then join in on her song. Our howls joined together and the song could be heard for miles. We begin to run through the forest to test her speed. Her speed is excellent almost matching at my own.
We find a spring and go back to human form. When inside I scoot up next to her and put my arms around her. I grab her head and pull it into my own. We kiss with a passion I have never felt; it was the best day of my life. We throw our ripped clothes out.
I wake up beside her, she’s still asleep so I get up quietly and climb to the roof to watch the sunrise. She climbs up an hour later. “Good morning Jenny.” I say then turn around. Her clothes were ripped to near nothing and I laugh. “I don’t see how it is funny you saw everything last night.” she says. I remember back to last night at what we did. It was both of our first time.
“We should go to your house and get some clothes then to mine afterwards.” I tell her. She says alright then kisses me. We leave for her house and get there in an hour. She runs inside the back and grabs some clothes. She jumps out her window and we head for my house. I sneak in and run upstairs to my room.
I grab my clothes and jump out of the window. We put on the clothes then leave back for the warehouse. When we get there she starts getting hungry so I go out hunting again and get a deer. We cook up the deer and have some dinner. We lived like this for three months and were happy together.
“Nick I think I’m pregnant.” She says worrying. I look at her hoping for her to say just kidding, but it never came. “That can’t be possible, we only did that once and that was only three months ago.”
“Remember Nick we are werewolves so for all we know...” she trailed off deep in thought. I put my arm around her then said, “We should move to a house. I could get the money. I will steal for you Jenny.” I say. We move that day. I end up robbing a bank and I got away with it.
We lived in the house another two months and one day, “Nick my water just broke.” She screamed across the house. I ran to her then transformed. She got on my back and I ran to the hospital. She would have transformed but we didn’t want to risk her damaging the baby at all. I get to the hospital and morph back. I have my clothes still in her arms and throw them on.
“We need a doctor she is having a baby.” I yell in the hospital. “I will take her. I am Doctor Franks, Hector Franks.” He tells me.
“I am Nick Feth.”
“Alright Nick well we are going to need your help since we are running low on nurses. I agree and we rush her to a room. We get her in one of the hospital gowns then lay her down. She declines the medications so I know she will be in pain. I begin to get dizzy and walk out.” I am going to be a father.” I say happy. I was thinking of the baby then she screamed. I passed out on the spot.
I wake up and I am in a chair. I look around no one is there. I walk in her room and see her holding the baby. I take everything in about the baby, black hair like my fur coat and purple eyes like my own in wolf form. We both did research and found out in legends baby werewolves don’t transform until puberty. I look at Jenny who is smiling.
“What will we name him?” she asks. I look at the baby for awhile then say. “I think we should name him Percy.” I tell her rubbing the baby’s head. “I think that’s a great name. We are going to be one big happy family.” She says then kisses me. I sit in the chair beside her bed and stay overnight with her.
The next day we leave for the house. Percy hasn’t cried yet and we begin to think that he still has the powers of a werewolf even at a young age he just can’t turn to one. We get to the house to find it burning. We watch as our house falls to the ground in a black ash. I look to the side to see a note on our mail box. I pick it up and read it. It says in crooked letters. I know what you are.

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