March 17, 2012

Jonne's feeding. (a story excerpt)

This is an excerpt from a story I began writing a few years ago.

           Jonne sighed softly as she watched cars zoom by her. She sat in an alley way, waiting for her next meal to walk by. Her bright red eyes lingered on every person who eventually ended up walking by. She growled softly, not smelling anyone interesting enough. She sighed, pouting gently. Time to take a new approach... She decided. She walked out of the alley way, then a few feet to a snow bank. She plopped herself down in the snow and began to whine, holding her ankle. "Ow!" She cried out, rocking back and forth softly. She conjured up a few tears, letting them slide down her cheeks.
She knew this approach would work better, what with all the people who would gather around to help an injured girl. She cried out in pain again, watching as people around her began staring. She pouted, sniffing the air. "I think it's broken.” She cried. A person knelt beside her. He could have been a doctor, she decided, from the way he handled her "injury." She whimpered as he touched her ankle.
"I've got her." The man said as he lifted Jonne off the ground. As the people walked away, Jonne bit into the man's neck. The man fell to his knees almost instantly. She covered his mouth with her hand as she began to drain the blood, and life, out of this man. Some people stopped and stared, but Jonne kept her eyes closed as she fed.
Someone screamed "Call the police!" and she looked up with piercing eyes. The person ran away as she continued to feed. She felt full, so she stopped. But it was too late for the man. She removed her lips from his neck and let his almost lifeless body fall to the ground. She licked her lips, got up, and walked away. She smirked as she walked into a small shop, nonchalantly. 

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