April 3, 2011

Continuation on Surviving the Odds

That was what went through the man’s head as they were reaching the settlement. He was in shock that it didn’t happen. I guess things were really going to turn around he thought. Finally they drove into the settlement. The settlement really was what used to be the neighborhood filled with all the richer people from around the area. It was in shambles, but it was the best place to keep people.

When they drove into the settlement the man saw that everyone was working to try and restore the area for proper living. The man got out of the car and an older gentleman came over to greet him.

“Welcome,” the older gentleman said. “My name is Robert and this is our little colony.”

“Hello, my name is Kurt,” the man said. “Are we the only ones left?”

“The only ones I know of,” Robert said. “I haven’t heard of any other colonies sproutin’ up, then again communication is rather hard these days.”

“True,” Kurt said “Well is there anything I can do to help?”

“Well for right now you should get settled” Robert said “Then once you are ready you can help others to get this place back up and running.”

“Sounds great,” Kurt said.

Kurt could not believe it. In one day he had gone from pondering suicide to living with the last survivors on Earth. Was it luck or fate? Kurt got settled and helped the others around the colony to help restore it.

Night fell and everyone went off to sleep. Everything was quiet as if the world was born anew. There were not even crickets or frogs to make noise. In the distance a noise pierced the night a small one, but a noise nonetheless. It was the sound of light footsteps marching in the distance. No one could hear them except the crumbling buildings and the desolate wasteland that lay ahead. They were coming, but who knew when or even what they were. Only the light would tell.

How does this sound?

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