December 23, 2010

One of the Journal Entries from my short story.

March 24th, 1871

Do you know what the best thing in the world is? Watching Death Sea go under. A ship with many memories, the ship I grew up in since I was 5. But now washed away and in Sea’s world. I was close to Davy Jones’s grip, but I got away. Alas me lad, this isn’t the first time that I have encountered Jones’s. (But strangely it’s better than receiving a Black Spot. Uncle Edmund got one 5 years ago, and the next day he was found dead along the shoreline.) It’s like I have been cursed since the day I was born. But now I’m a 20 year old man, all alone in this rowboat, with a bottle of rum, a true pirate’s friend. Even my duffle is empty. There’s only some loot, a compass, my bottles of ink, me rum, an old map and me feathered pen. I’m a chowderhead for not taking my things when I heard the cannons from afar. But am I a silly pirate for carin’ about me old crew? Oh devil, I’m a love pirate.

The sea is different when you’re all alone. It’s calm and eerie. But I’m not afraid of the old ocean. But being all by myself… Maybe I am afraid of being alone at night. I had a cabin. Now it’s just an old rowboat, a tiny ship at the least. Other pirates could come across my boat, jump in and kill me in an instant. It’s crazy. I don’t remember the codes remarking any killing. The sea is inspiring me.

A pirate’s way is the only way
To kill another and go for the prey!
To steal the loot and grab the bay
A pirate’s way is the only way.
But what happens when a pirate
Is a man of his word?
And the word for him is never to kill
To meet another pirate, and sail with thee
A friendship that lasts as long as the Sea
This pirate’s way is the only way.
The only way for me.

It’s getting dark, the sea is about to become black with mystery. I won’t be able to write in this until morning. I have 2 bottles left of ink. I remember before that an old Pirate once said that writing wasn’t a trait for a Pirate. I may be a chowderhead (Another word for stupid, also something I’ve learned with writing.) at some points in time, but a Pirate with intelligence and understanding, is a Pirate that will get the loot.

Eli Hurdam

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