June 3, 2011

My Wonderful Audi

Terza Rima

The loudness of the roar, deafening as I go by
Heads turn without hesitation, needing to see
Speeding down the street, with the feeling that I can fly.

Some say I’m spoiled, that it’s not mine, I disagree
Sound bumping, windows down, not caring
As I drive by, I ignore everyone’s jealousy

My sisters get mad at me for not sharing
My car is mine, no one but me can drive it
I have a nicer car than my sister, when comparing

My friends were mad, saying I was unfit
Not needing a parking pass either, they were steamed
I told them to inhale the gas my car emits

When I found out my car got recalled, I screamed
Being without it for months left me depressed
My friends and sisters laughed and did not care from what it seemed

Getting it back, I certainly was blessed.

The rhythm may be a little off, but how did you like it?

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