June 6, 2011


I thought I was better prepared
One last look at their faces, I felt scared
I was the strong, the powerful one
But here I was missing them already
There's a cliff and I have to walk off it

I am not sure what it at the bottom
Though it has to be new and different
I don't want to stick my neck out
I hope it won't be over the copping block
If it is, I'll stop the axe with my hand

Most walk off the cliff at some point
I knew the time, I knew the day
Though I never full understood
Until I was in the rear view mirror
Turn around, stand strong walk fast

I foot touches air, life is a bitch
Yet it's so much fun and so exciting
There are other people falling too
Maybe they'll come and join my free fall
And together we will grow wings

1 comment:

  1. Reading this really grabbed my attention and was totaly able to relate. Very nicely written.