June 3, 2011

Robert Frost Influenced Poem (Part)

Will I view it from the sky?
Or will I choose to see the ocean?
Hop straight in a plane, and fly?
A choice so hard, I want to cry.
The pressure is nothing more than commotion.

Now the real question ceases to exist,
They are too afraid to ask.
Will they be thought of or missed?
They’ll be at the top of my calling list.
They’ll be a priority, not just a task.

My parents say they’ll miss me so,
And this is where it gets tough.
I don’t know if I should stay or go?
But I believe it’s best for me though,
No matter how hard and rough.

Did I use the proper rhythm for this poetry form?


  1. The poem is the right rhythm, rhyme scheme, etc. It also gets the mood of decision making across. I think Frost typically uses nature in his poems, but I can't remember if that's what we had to do or not. I like it though. =)

  2. Holly's right: you definitely get the sense of a decision being made. But what are you deciding on? Is that left out intentionally?