June 3, 2011

Ode to My Dead, Diabetic Cat

You were old,
And you were fat,
This is an ode
To my diabetic cat.
Oh how distressed,
How grief stricken we were,
When we could no longer pat
Your diabetic fur.
Your tummy was rubbable
Right before it grumbled.
That was back when you were fat.
A fat, diabetic cat.
Your name was Spot
Probablly because you had a spot
I wouldn't know
I wasn't there.
You really were old.
My dad used to sing about you
Especially in the shower...
...It was weird
The cat we got after you
Her name was Sox
Then she got lost
Then we found out she was dead
That was like a week later.
Then we got another
And she had herpes
So we called her Herp
You were fatter than both
During you're prime
Then you got skinny
And wouldn't take your insulin
So we put you to sleep
It made me sad..
Now you're in the ground
In a box
In my backyard
Still dead
Still sleeping


  1. Um...ah. What was the intended emotion for the poem? I felt that the ending was really dreary and glum, but dreary and glum don't necessarily portray the imagery of your dad singing in the shower about a diabetic cat.

  2. I feel like since odes are supposed to glorify the subject, the ending sort of takes away from that purpose. I am sorry about your cat though. The flow of the poem was good and I liked the conversational tone to it. The beginning also made me chuckle, which is good.