February 25, 2011

An Excerpt from a Story

Ryan Grey’s business card read, “Ryan Grey, Attorney of Law, Defender of Justice.” Those which he would give out if he was telling the truth about his primary job would say, “Ryan Grey, Conman, Expert Forger and Pro at Staying off FBI Radar.” The cards other cons would print out for him would say, “Ryan Grey, Lucky Bastard.” All of the titles were true, really. He was a lawyer, and in that sense did defend justice. Ryan was also a white collar criminal who specialized in document forgery. Mostly, he forged things like passports and other documentation which could be sold, though he also forged bonds and cashed them. The latter he did with less frequency so as to keep himself out of the sights of the authorities. The 32 year old also forged invitations to get into the social gatherings of the elite. This helped him become part of the higher social circles and made him valuable to other cons. However, the only person he ever worked with on a forgery was Anne Walker, who he’d met at a wine tasting. Regardless, the last possibility for his business card was also valid; he was lucky that he’d never been caught or even suspected of committing the crimes he’d done.

Is this too boring or wordy to be the introduction?

1 comment:

  1. It's not that wordy or boring. It draws me in because it tells me what people think he is and you tell what he truely is. Maybe you can put some more features about him like hair color, eye color, etc. (use the charater is key sheet) But you could talk less about his background and add to the middle of the story but that's just a suggestion. So it can tell us more about the character more during the story. But it still is a good start to a story about law and criminals.