February 25, 2011

oh gosh.

Kate woke up to her younger brother Steven blasting screamo music. It was 10:30 “Dammit`! I’m late for school once again. MOM!.” No answer, she tries again. “MOM!!!!!!” still no answer. She grabs her bathrobe and puts it on, walks down the stairs and finds her 16 year old brother playing the air quitar in his whitey tightys. She unplugs the radio and he stops like a deer in headlights. “Why the hell didn’t you wake me up! Where’s mom and dad?!” he replied. “I don’t know. Billy’s parents aren’t home either.” Kate walked over to the TV and turned it on, “hmm that’s strange the news isn’t on.” There was only a brief message that said “we’re sorry the request you’re looking for is not operating at this time, please try again later.”
Her cell phone rang playing the infamous Justin Beiber song Baby. It was her boyfriend Robby, before she had a chance to say anything he said “babe I know this sounds weird, but it appears that no one over the age of 18 or under the age of 14 is even on this planet. I called my cousin out in Denver, he said the same thing. No one is around, are your parents home.” With a worried tone she answered, “No”
…..to be continued.

how could this be better? what changes could i make to make this story better?

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