February 25, 2011

figure it out

Does this make sense - can you picture what I'm describing or no?

He looked down at what was lurking beneath his feet; there was a flat rock, about ten feet in both width and length, and aboutr ten feet below. He hadn’t worked his way up from there; he came from the side of the rock wall, working his way over to where he spotted a formation in the rock that would have made for a stepping-stool to reach over the top. He was only an arms length away from making over, but he had come to a point where the rock became smooth and there was no way to climb. Jay alternated criss-crossing his legs like those sports players who grape-vined when they warmed up, working his way about ten feet over to the left where once reached, he could finish his climb. After he did so, he started walking toward a path-way he could barely make out with the glare of the sun blurring the vision in his eyes.


. He pulled up the bottom of his pants and took a step into the mud, only he never seemed to step on any ground. His leg quickly sunk, bringing the rest of his body with him. He instantly got mud in his eyes, his ears, up his nose, and so much for pulling up his pants, those were a lost cause now. Everything went dark, and the noise of nature’s chirpings turned to a numbing silence.
It smelled like something was burning. The crackles of the fire were barely distinguishable, but Jay did hear them. I must have stopped to take a nap, he thought. He went to open his eyes, to outstretch his arms and legs, but felt a wet, sticky resistant force holding him back. What the hell is this, he thought. He began feeling around, trying to make sense of where he was. The only feeling he could make out was the sense he had that he was somehow underground. Shit, he thought. Shit. Hopefully that wasn’t what it was he was swimming in. His thoughts began to race, and so would have his breath, but then he realized he wasn’t breathing, he couldn’t breath. He tried to swim upward, to get to the surface of this mess he had somehow gotten into. A gust of air swept over his fingertips. They had broken to the surface, which was only two feet up. He tried to grab onto something so he could pull himself up, but any weight he placed on them caused them to sink back into the moosh. Jay’s panicked thoughts began clouding his mind. I’ve been berried alive, I must have been, but how? How did I get here? I need to get out, I need to get out now, I need air! He tried to swim forward, to try and find the edges of this hole he was stuck in. A solid wall pressed up against his knees. Here it is, he thought. He followed up the wall with his hands until he found the top. He dug his hands into it and pulled himself up as hard as he could until his head broke through the surface. He gasped for air, but sucked in nothing but mud, and started to choke.

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