September 24, 2010

Lacking a Title

Graphic Novel

Panel 1.1 & 1.2:

Busy hallway at Nashua High School South. The white and purple tiles on the floor adding a strange contrast to the bright colors of the students clothes. Some of the teenagers are laughing with their friends. Others are walking down the hallway avoiding the awkwardness of walking alone by texting, listening to music or staring at the floor. The noise is deafening.

Panel 1.3:

Take a left and see the glass doors outside where it’s beautiful and sunny. The clouds are all white and wispy and the grass is green. Four benches and a parking lot can be seen. “I want to be outside.” She thinks to herself. “Anywhere but here.”

Panel 1.4:

The parking lot starts to transform. Grass is growing where the cement is and the cars are fading. The girl just continues to stare out the doors, now we see the silhouette of her head.

Panel 1.5:

We now see the girl waist and up. The cars are almost invisible now and twisted trees are popping up. Grey/ brown in color. Their purple leaves fading into view. The concrete almost completely gone. The sky is starting to shift to a blue purple.

Panel 1.6:

The cars have disappeared, we see the girl entirely, but in a dark silhouette. The purple leaved trees are now fully in view and giant mushrooms begin to appear. As with some bushes and large plants. The sky is now more of a purple then blue.

Panel 1.7:

The sky is a pinky purple now and the mushrooms have popped up. They range from all the colors of the rainbow. The grass is longer and with a lot of shades of greens and yellows. The plants are almost done popping up. The girl is in the same position but now her head is slighty turned.

Panel 2.1:

The scene is completed. The sky is now salmon colored. The girl is pressing against the door opening it.

Panel 2.2:

The girl is stepping out of the doors; we see her face and body. She’s thin with long hair and side bangs. The reflection of the world that just appeared is showing in the schools glass doors which have already begun to fade.“Where am I?” She asks quietly.

Panel 2.3:

She steps forward and a little girl appears in the reflection but not where the older girl is standing. The school is mostly gone.

Panel 2.4:

The girl appears slightly behind the young woman. The little girl is wearing pants, boots and a plain t-shirt. Her hair is long, light and wavy with bangs in the front. She has big blue eyes and small ears. The young woman is still staring in awe and confusion. The school is completely gone now.“Hello.” Says the little girl.“Oh my!!” Says the older girl in shock.

Panel 2.4:

“I... I didn’t see you there. Sorry.” Says the older girl.“I’m Cherise.” Says the younger girl.“I’m Sarah.”

Panel 2.5:

“How did you get here?” Inquires Cherise with her head slightly turned to the side.“I don’t know… I just didn’t want to be in school anymore. Where am I?” Replies Sarah now facing Cherise.“School?” Cherise questions. Sarah looks at her with a confused look. “Well… anyway, it’s getting dark. You better come home with me.” Cherise chirps.Panel

Can you invision this?

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