September 24, 2010

The Pastry Chef

        There once was a pastry chef named Steve. Steve was the best pastry chef in the entire state of New Hampshire but he was crazy. He was afraid to leave his house so he did all of his business from his house. Customers would call ahead then come pick up their pastries once Steve called them to let them know he was finished.
         Steve had been a police officer when he was young but retired at a young age to follow his dreams of owning a pastry shop. He was the best police officer on the force and he was hated by the mafia. After being a police officer for many years he became paranoid. He constantly thought that someone from the mafia was going to come and bump him off.


  1. You should put the part of when he was a police officer before he became scared to go outside. Maybe put some more details in.

  2. Definitely add a little more detail, why was he hated by the mafia? Is there an reason why they hate him