September 27, 2010

Script outline

Ryan Cathcart

Setting: Three friends decide one day to explore deep into the natural world to gather a better understanding of the world they live in, and even themselves.

Act #1
Jim, Bryan, and Jake walk into the woods, with the intention of gathering a better understanding of the life that they live. Bryan, who has always kept an open mind to everything, was the most curious of the three. While Jake and Jim although skeptical, were excited to see what they would run into in this fairly uncharted area of town.
Act #2
As they take their first few steps into the area, Jake started to second guess the trip out of fear of the possibility that he would not like what he found. After about ten minutes of Bryan and Jim assuring him that everything would be fine and that it would be a life experience worth having Jake agreed to proceed with the plan. They entered the woods that had slight trails from previous amateur explorers that had gone through the area before. Once they reached the first section of land that they planned on examining, they had an encounter with the first member of the animal kingdom that they would see this day.
Act #3
As they proceeded through this natural habitat of many different organisms they started making observations that lead to thoughts and ideas that would not have came about if they had not had this experience. They started making connections to different theories, and gathered a further understanding of the world they live in, just as they had planned.

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