September 27, 2010

The Pesant And The King

Ok. This is just the first chapter of a book I'm writing. I dont have a name for the book yet, just for the chapters. It's 1 of 6 chapters so far (10pages so far) and I need to know how to make this chapter better, names, edits, anything that comes to mind, questions, anything. And for those of you who feel you need to know, yes this is based a game called Runescape and I wont take any harassment or what not for it, what so ever.

The King of Ardrounge was a fit and brave man, admired by his loyal subjects. One day the King sent out a notice to everybody in Ardrounge, stating "I'm looking for any man, or woman, whom will undertake a great task which I require completed." Of corse, a lot of people were interested and intreged with this request, as this was the first time the King had ever done something like this. After a few days passed, the King startted getting worried because no one was comming forward to help him. Just before the King was about to get completely discouraged, a paladin of his Royal Gaurd came running in.

"Sir!" the paladin was yelling "Sir! A Commoner is at the gate, he wishes to help as a responce to the summon!"

the King smiled and said "Well don't just stand here! Go! Go and let him in! and for Guthix's sake, bring him straight to me!"

The paladin ran out of the room and the King turned and startted eating his lunch. A few minutes later, the paladin came back with a well-shaven, tall, dark haired commoner behind him.

"Welcome! Welcome my fair man, please, have a seat and join me" the King said. The young man sat down carefully and nervously, as he has never before been in such royal company. The King finished his meal and wiped his mouth with his napkin and spoke.

"So I understand you wish to help..."

"Yes, I do" the commoner spoke.

"Exceptional! Now, the task I have at hand is very dangerous, and will take you away from your family, and Ardrounge for a very long time. And it will also be difficult, you will need to be able to think clearly in stressful situations and have a high intelect in the knowladge of tactics. Do you still think you can do this?" the King asked the commoner

"Yes. Yes sir I do know I can do whatever you assign, because..." the commoner went into how he had overseen every battle the armies of Ardrounge have fought over the years, since he turned 5.

"Impressive..." the King said "But can you lead men to their certin deaths?"

The commoner hesitated, then spoke, "... Yes sir, I can..."

"Good! Good! Oh, I have almost forgot, all this excitment, I have forgotten to ask your name, what be it?"

"My name is Roy, sir."

"Well then Roy, let me show you the plans I have for ardrounge... The ones you'll be going off of."

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