September 24, 2010


        This is something I wrote 2 years ago and never finished. After rereading it, I just realized I have NO IDEA how to finish it. I need some help....            
        PREFACE On the nights of October, you know that all monsters come out. Vampires, werewolves, witches, you name it. But, have you ever heard of shadows? It’s a part of us, only their hearts are full with black dimness of the darkest nights. Their skin is pitch black, only the light of the moon can trace them. Their eyes are murky green and nails long as a witch’s nose. Hard to believe, right?
        The next time you see your shadow during a sunset; don’t think it’s just an innocent, lifeless thing. You may also think they are a cherubic figure. They are alive until the day you die. There are adherent to your soul. They feel what you feel. You might be having the greatest time of you life, but you are unaware that they are living in misery. Other figures won’t condone this, for they tried to ease the pain.
        When you are born to this perfect little world, your shadow is born to a world unlike ours, with filth, tears, pain and pure sorrow. If you ever meet your shadow, please be attentive, do not harm them. Don’t create pain with what they already have. They are very protective of themselves and others. For how do I know this? I have met my shadow, and others.
        My shadow, Eichi, wasn’t so cruel like the others. He has a half a heart from heaven and the other from the depths of hell. But you may not be so lucky… My name is Luchia. I’m a regular teenage girl until I found out a surprise, the story of the shadows. I’ve heard of them before, from Japanese folktales but never believed in them. Until on that day, I opened a portal from the human world to the shadow world. Because of that, I have met my shadow and other shadows who got loose to the human world. If they can harm us, I have no clue.
        So far I understand that they are a part of us, the opposite gender of us and that they have a heart. But to abridge this story, I will just continue with how I met them. It was a couple days before Halloween. I was leaving school. I was heading down to the mirror, and created a small rift, then a thin, dim light shown from the mirror. I saw a small, dark world, a dark sky with black clouds. The sky was a circular shape with small white spirals, slowly turning clockwise. Little figures were walking, mostly dragging. They were shaped as humans, only their skin were black and eyes were full with wretchedness. One small creature came out of the mirror, sluggishly saying my name… I was petrified.
         “Lu-ch-iaaaa----he---lp---me.” Said the figure. “
        Who are you?? Please don’t kill me, let me live!”
         “Don’t wor—ry. Help me before night falls… I am your other half…”
        “What on earth do you mean? My other half? Aren’t you a shadow?”
        “Yes I am a shadow, your shadow. I’m a part of your soul.” Said the shadow.
        “What?? That’s absurd.”
        I had to dissent. It’s impossible. “Would you like to start an argument? I don’t have all day you know. I need to be in a lighted area. Unless, you want to fabricate the worst demon ever.”
        Hmph, he’s acting like some type of eminent person. We left to get to my house. I seemed like a marauder trying to pilfer goods. I had to dress up my shadow as an obese pauper, either that or having CBS track us for the mysterious story. Then they will have to terminate him and who knows what will happen to me. As soon as we got to the house, I screamed with questions.
        “Why are you- where are- Why? - How? - What??? “I stuttered.
        “Stop that. Let me explain…”
        “How are you here, shadow? “Alive” I mean.” I questioned. I understand the fact of a shadow, but for it to be alive? That’s crazy.
        “I’m alive because of you. And I have a name, it’s Eichi.” Eichi said.
        “Okay, Eichi, you’re telling me that you are my shadow and you are alive? Also you live in a strange world different from ours and there are others like you?” I still can’t believe it. I’m still scared though. He’s my shadow, but the way he is formed is creepy. He really doesn’t have a semblance appearance. He’s transparent, like a ghost. “Why do you need to be away from the dark?”
        “Because we become weaker and let our “souls” get powered by the dark. We lose all of the sun’s energy and let ourselves go. Then were turn into something far greater than we are now. It’s horrific. Many have lost their life that way and the humans as well. That’s why many humans die. Cause of their shadows. But no need to worry, it only happens when us shadows are let out to the human world. Also, figures tend to attack one another. These figures attack one another because of their life has no fairness. If one shadow has one hint of fairness, or has an altercation with another figure, they are killed by other shadow. Because of this, many humans have sudden deaths, not because of something natural, because of the other side. Thus, this as put many shadows in an irate stage. Some of their other selves try to surmount that, and believe there is a way for them to exorcise their evil.”
        “So we are connected too?”
        “Yes, I will show you.” He made a thin cut on his hand with his trite fingernails. And the all of a sudden, it appeared on my hand. It really stings. It’s still there. Like the cut wants to usurp the center of my hand.
        “Oww.” I said in pain. “
        See? We really are connected.” Eichi said. He looked outside. “Damn, it’s almost minutes away from nightfall. Luchia, this light isn’t enough. Where’s the mirror?”
        “Right here.”
        “Lascilo andare di nuovo al mio mondo, pieno di odio e di dispiacere. Di nuovo al mondo del demon.” (“Let me go back to my world, full of hatred and sorrow. Back to the demon world I shall.”) Then, he got sucked in from the old mirror.
        The next day I woke up from a nightmare. “Did that really happen? Shadows are not alive.” I said quietly to myself. Impossible. Or maybe it wasn’t a dream? TO BE CONTINUED.

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  1. I really liked how creative your story is. I also like the line where the shadow is speaking into the mirror in another language. That was really interesting and creative. One part I was a little confused on was as to why the character was walking to the mirror. I did not understand that part. What is the mirror? I thought it was just a plain mirror but you said she is walking towards the mirror. That’s the only part that could use a little clarification. I think you could end this by having someone take the mirror or just have someone accidently let all the shadows out of their world. You could then have Eichi find Luchia and have them try and get all the shadows back into their world. Lastly, I liked all the detail you put into describing the shadows and where they live and what they go through.