September 28, 2010

Lost in space

Its's the year 2072. Who would have known that I would be the first to step on mars, John Smith the 6th. The moment is coming, our shuttle has landed. I look out of the window through my helmet, all I see is the vast emptiness of space and the dusty red-orange surface of mars. All I hear is my own breathing. It's heavy and my heart is racing like a formula one race car. I hear the seal break on the shuttles door. It's time. The stairs slowly lower and I step out onto the surface. I stare at my boots with amazement as they plant onto the dusty surface. I can't believe i'm the first man on Mars. As I continue to walk forward im brought out of my amazed trance with a shrieking scream of horror. I turn around to see a bright light shining from the shuttle, the ground begins to rumble and i quickly jump behind a large rock for cover. My shuttle explodes and pieces fly off into space without a single astronaut in sight...

Beat it up, This is a segment from a story i started writing. I want to know just how it seems so far

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