January 24, 2012

Dancing With Death Part III

Link was watching the fight with disbelief as Crono cheered Magus on. His pride was wounded at the idea that an unknown like Magus could actually be a match to his legendary foe. How can Ganondorf be losing? This Magus...

But Link's reverie was interrupted as Ganondorf's laugh began to fill the arena. The dark wind started to accelerate, and turn into a swirling tornado.

The arena had suddenly gone pitch black. The moon no longer shone... the only light that was visible shown from Ganondorf's palm. The Triforce... Link realized. He gasped, forgetting his concern about the outcome of the match entirely. No...!

Ganondorf began to laugh manically... his voice growing deeper and deeper. Light began to shine out from every pore of his skin. He screamed, and the light flowing from him reached its apex. The burst temporarily blinded the entire crowd. When they looked again, Ganondorf was gone. Ganon stood in his place. He was the lord of darkness again.

The giant pig towered ten feet above Magus's head. The prince of Zeal stood calmly, analyzing the new development. Ganon held an enormous pitchfork in his right hand, and a hammer in his left. He raised his enormous tusks in the air and roared at the crowd. A blast of fire flew out of his pitchfork, crashing into the stadium wall. The audience screamed, and backed away as the concrete began to melt from the supernatural force. Ganon no longer even seemed concerned with his battle with Magus. He smashed his hammer onto the ground, letting the ground ripple from his blow.

Link heard Zelda scream elsewhere in the arena, and back away to the edge of the stands. Well, she won't be any help... Link knew what he had to do. The entire crowd was acting chaotically, and Magus was just standing there. Link dived onto the ground floor as another blast of fire destroyed part of the Stadium's wall. Link raced forward at the giant pig, screaming.


"Stay back, Link! This is not your fight!"

Magus stopped whatever he had been doing to yell at Link. Link groaned. Magus simply couldn't hope to beat Ganon like he was now. Ignoring Magus's request, he drew a light arrow and fired it straight into Ganon's eyes.

The pig roared in pain and began lumbering towards Link. Magus shook his head. "No! Not now..."

Magus fired off a quick lightning spell at Ganon, but the monster shrugged it off. His skin and armor was simply too tough.

Link smiled as he saw Ganon approaching him. "Good, now you'll see..."

Ganon swung at him with his hammer and knocked him sideways. Sprawled on the ground, Link tried to pick himself up but was struck in the chest by Ganon's hammer. His body went limp, and Ganon roared in triumph.

Magus felt like collapsing as well, but he had no choice. He's just too powerful. This has to stop. I didn't survive the darkness just to die in some dimension that shouldn't even exist. This cannot go on.

Magus raised his hands and threw up an enormous magic wall. Ganon bounced back against the blue shield. He grunted, and glared at Magus. The spell surrounded them both. Ganon begin to move in on Magus, raising his pitchfork, intending to skewer the magician.

Magus was running out of options fast. He readied his spells, and hoped for the best. I only have one chance here. I am the prince of Zeal... I must not fail.

Three giant chunks of ice appeared around Ganon's form. He bashed his way through the one in front of him and kept moving. A giant circle of fire appeared around the pig, threatening to incinerate him. Ganon merely walked through the flames with an evil grin. The ice and fire stayed around him, assaulting his skin with no effect. Magus gathered the energy for his most powerful spell, and cast dark matter once again upon his foe. Even that showed no effect. The unreal object couldn't even penetrate Ganon's armor. I see now why Link thought only he could beat him...

But there was no time to obtain the Master Sword from Link. Ganon was only a few feet away. All three of Magus's spells were surrounding him, uselessly. It was time to complete the incantation.

Magus was sweating intensely. Ganon was almost upon him. Concentrating as hard as he could, he began to attempt to combine the ice, fire, and dark matter spells. Their energies coalesced upon each other, amplifying the destructive power of the anti-matter attack. The opposites of heat and cold combined somehow, bringing the dark matter to its extremes.

It was this or nothing. He had no other choice. Magus screamed out the words as Ganon began to reach out to stab him with his pitchfork.


Magus felt the pitchfork pierce his chest as the ultimate destructive force began to be unleashed upon Ganon. The dark pig screamed and howled in agony. Ganon's eyes began to turn an intense shade of black. Somehow knowing that Magus was the cause of his troubles, he tried to lean forward to stab Magus again. The dark wind was spiraling around them, and threatening to lift them both into the air. Magus held his ground, and maintained his spell, letting the dark energies take their toll. Ganon's body begin shaking. His skin turned red. With one last primal effort he screamed as his entire body began to fade away.

Magus collapsed onto the ground. The wind disappeared as though it had never been. There was no trace of his opponent. His blood, and gaping chest wounds were the only sign that any fight had taken place there.

His torment was nearly over. He had won, but he was dying. He looked at the blood gushing from him. He had no chance to survive. Schala... farewell...

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