January 24, 2012

song of mahself

Hey guyzzzzz its me A-Dawg.  just wanted to know what you guys maybe think about this piece i wr0o0o0o0te for the final.  constructive criticism is for sure welcoo0o0o0o0o0o0me.  thx bbzz muhch luhve. ;*

Song of Myself.

I don’t celebrate myself.
What I see, you also see.
What I hear, you also hear.
What I taste, you also taste.

Alone in my head I dwell.
In my head, anger and fear swells.

Anger at my parents, simply put: angst.
Anger at kids who never say thanks.
Anger at how everyone is put into ranks.
And anger at how peace means tanks.

Fear of living too long.
Fear of never getting along.
Fear of not writing songs.
And fear of lashing out at someone wrong.

Either way hear the same sounds.
Either way we see the same sights.
Either way we all eat food.
Either way we want what we think is right.

In the winter we all see the snow.
In the summer we all feel the heat.
In the fall we all appreciate the scenery.
And in spring we all embrace the rain.

If you think you’re different than anyone else
I will laugh in your face.
Because we are all scum
This whole human fucking race.

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