January 24, 2012


annnnd finally another poem i was serious about.  it's an ode to things i give a shit about.  check it out and comment plzzzzzz.

Ode to an Escape

Ode to the creamy tan mixture of caffeine injected fluids that once were beans,
 That open my crusted shut eyes at the first hint of sunlight,
Ode to the science a brain perceives as magic,
When a portable torch comes in contact with dried and wrapped tobacco leaves.
Ode to one-hundred and eighty seconds past two o’clock P.M. on weekdays,
The D sharp toned bell that rings out freedom for the 18 and under that live near me.
Ode to seven plies of the shredded and compressed remains of fallen trees,
Who’s shape and candor allow me to so gracefully maneuver through the urban jungle.
Ode to pulsing vibrations that rattle into the calcium orb on my shoulders,
Pulling every string of emotion that are so tightly wound.
Ode to the things that get me by.

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