January 24, 2012

Day In The Life

Early in the morning I drank some beer.
It turns out my actions people don’t like.
I don’t know why, because beer makes things clear.

Only it makes it hard to ride a bike.
Because everything gets really blurry.
I solve that problem by taking a hike.

So please people, you don’t have to worry.
I’m a peaceful person I mean no harm.
Like a calm wind during a snow flurry.

Lady I’m only drunk don’t touch that alarm!
I’m only trying to get my money.
Because I need surgery on my arm!

Please don’t call the cops this isn’t funny!
I am not trying to rob you okay.
I am like as peaceful as a bunny.

So lady, can you stop being so gay?
You’re crazy lady, if I do so say!

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