January 24, 2012

nicki so hood

hey guys its me again, just trying to get out there with mah raps.  figured this time id do it nicki style and try and hop on that minaj flow.  check it out and see what you think about it.  much love.

Nicki Minaj Rap

I got that ill flow, river.
I’m drinking fast yo, liver.
You little boys are scared, quiver.
I pushed you down on wood, sliver.

Because I’m the shit, poop.
Chilling outside the crib, stoop.
In my ears I got them big ass, loops.
When I was little I played with hula, hoops.

Bitch, ill punch you, pow.
You need to stop, now.
After I rap you’re like, “how?”
Hoe you’re fat, cow.

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