January 22, 2012

I need you, and i want you

My heart is racing with the rush of adrenaline pulsing through me. Your eyes are glistening with the stars from the beautiful night sky. My stomach is curling up with intense tightness and butterflies as i watch you walk by me. All my friends say your not worth my time if i ain't with you, but i could care less what they say. I've never experienced some much passionate tension from one person until i saw you. My heart and mind are telling me that i should go for you, but i'm also battling my fear of rejection. I would feel like a little girl waking up from a bad nightmare with no help from my legal parent or guardian. I would love it if me and you were to be together. It would be my complete life's mission to make you happy, forever and always.


  1. Really really enjoyed reading this piece. It had a lot of powerful imagery that really painted a vivid picture. This piece would make a really good opening scene or even a flashback. Consider it.

  2. i think that this paragraph paints one of the best pictures ive ever read. You do a great job of getting into the readers emotions and making sure there feeling the same this as you are. like cam said this would definetly be a great opening for a story. again great job and id keep going with this cause it sounds great so far