January 24, 2012


I’m back again for another round
For the world I loved so, that my soul is bound
Unknowing in the present what knowing in the past I possessed
If only I knew where it could be found
Deeply looking the light resonates a sound
Illuminating the darkness all around

I take a deep breath and look around
Another world infinitely more round
The vibrations calm and emit no sound
Peace in which beauty has no bound
A glimpse of immortality I have found
But of mortality I am forever possessed

Familiar like something I once possessed
Like an island with an unending tempest around
If only I knew what a curse that blessing was I found
Destroy me already I can’t go another round
But of infinite chaos I am bound
The silence is a welcoming sound

To forever hear mortality’s sound
Where is the solution I once possessed?
To free myself from this curse that I am bound
For ages I’ve been looking all around
Now even the tomb I am in is weathered and round,
That knowledge has died now no answers may be found

Not lost, simply destroyed never to be found
That wailing is my soul’s woeful sound
Condemned to endure another round
Calling out to the spirit I once possessed
In that moment I look desperately around
Instants pass and again I’m flesh bound

Back again in death’s cold bound
Supernatural means exhausted no joy can be found
The light has died out, there is only darkness around
Condemned to that all to familiar sound
Praying vigorously to be severed from this flesh possessed
And leave this world that is round

Then at last I’d be free to travel infinity, without death’s bound
I’d never come back to this planet that is round because of the answers I found
And hear Nirvana’s sound that is peace that cannot be possessed

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