December 23, 2011

Another Lost

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed and brain washed by the carelessness of past generations and selfishness of the higher up.
Not only had I watched people as they lost there minds but there very soul snatched from them without their knowledge.
With no hope for better, the fifty/fifty chance of success weakened and lessened.
He who sits there in the darkness, alone but not quite, the only light from a screen he controls with the simple swivel of is thumbs.
His only company, little whispers in his ear, locked to the screen valuing a non value life more than his own.
Sitting, sitting, sitting, and bathing in the stench of his odor built by days.
She who is so, so young, at fourteen only wants love, a man who sees her only weakness, swoops down only bringing darkness.
She mistakes that darkness for the light, finally fulfilling that need for love; he takes her innocents but never used a glove.
Thinking about present satisfactions and not the consequences of her actions, now she’s late and he turns his back on her.
Days go by and her belly gets big, used up and infected with his kid.
Another who wakes up every day, his itch is to over whelming.
The same first and only thought rushes to his head, how, how, how can I get high today? How can I get my fix?
For killing brain cells is his only defense, dealing with the life that has been handed to him.
No longer able to tell the difference between his hallucinations and his reality, violence is no longer below the once gentle and kind guy, for he is lost in the reality of his hallucinations.
Youngins brought into this corrupt, miserable place only seeking guidance, but the world’s good words only hide in silence.
So the world’s polluted ways seeks them and graze upon their easily programmable minds.
Fourteen, thirteen, and twelve going back all being pushed to start their own paths.
Now knowing there growing up bad.
Lost and doomed to so many distractions, no surprise when they all end up mad and have addictions.
Those who sell their souls for security and the material possessions that most could only dream.
The fame, money and consistent joy of hearing there name, writing and singing us there songs of satanic lyrics loud enough so we can all hear it.
They who think to control the media is to control the public.
Using symbolism and subliminal messages to program mankind, for we are there product.
Invading our subconscious minds, to use us for their satanic worship, keeping knowledge and cures out of our reach.
Technology we wouldn’t believe, they look at us as less evolved letting us suffer of poverty sickness and diseases.
Waiting for the population to decrease, waiting to make their move and begin The New World Order.
Preparing to take the human rights and instinct of our next’s generation.

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  1. Wow... This is one well put together, eloquently spoken stream of conscious you have going on. Everything just seems to ebb and flow so well together. Each little instance or example you wrote is a vivid picture for the reader. i could easily imagine each moment of life for each different teenager. More importantly I saw your vision. I saw what you had to say in your eyes. You see through a lot of the bullshit that's going on around you. It's insightful, spirited, and yes, a bit bleak. But it's honest. I love it. Keep writing with such powerful intent.