December 23, 2011

I feel ambiguous about her

Tom shrugged "I feel ambiguous about her." "I think you mean ambivilalent" I said. "What the hell is this some kind of a nerd convention?" Shane said as he walked into the room. "Here's the asshole" Tom said. "I believe the right to call me an asshole belongs only to real women, who have feelings that get hurt, not ones that have had sex changes" Shane said to Tom. The room was silent. "You were a perfectly beautiful woman before the operation...What the hell did you get it for anyway?" "I do too have feelings!" Tom yelled, and he punched Shane, and Shane punched back. I sat and watched Shane fight the transexual Tom. The end.


  1. whaaaaat? plot twist at the end if I've ever seen one. I think you might just be the next M. Knight Shamaylan or however you spell his crazy name. That was a good story. I remember this writing prompt and I don't think anyone was as creative with the two lines as you were. kudos, kudos. I'd like to read more of your stories.

  2. I definitely agree with Manheim on this one. This was a great story and totally surprised me at the end. It's really cool because I was a girl once too so I definitely feel for Tom. It's not easy to go through a sex change! You should add more to this story, it'd be pretty cool homie. Peace dawg