December 23, 2011


This is a poem that I wrote about being really tired. Abby is awesome, just so you know. (not like you didnt know already. Seriously, she's wicked cool.) I revel in her glory. BTW, she typed this for me... except this part right here.... yeah, the part you just read....

Feel exhausted.
Eyes drooping, mind blanking.
I wish I could just go to sleepppp.
No rest.


  1. This poem is really good (especially for a member of our generation). I particularly like the intro to the poem. This Abby person sounds pretty amazing. I think the two of us would be good friends. But anyways, back to the poem. I like it, I like it a lot. This poem is essentially the story of my life, at least on most days. It's not actually the story of my life today because I'm running on a massive sugar rush right now, but uhm yeah. Good job with the poems homes. Pr3tTyyy C00l m@N.