December 16, 2011

im a barbie girl, in a barbie world

i lost my mind in the fog, still somewhere sitting on a log.
maybe it was from being alone, or it could be from my lack of a home.
i was inside my head, until i lost it
but now its dead, and...

i didnt finish this. it blows anyways haha


  1. thats pretty deep man. You should finish your work for once, maybe you would find it in your best interest to get it thing i am surprised at is you didnt mention any cut jeans at all. very good anthony! keep fighting the man with your words dude.....(just so you know they dont listen to punk rock they are too busy listening to Frank Sinatra)

  2. it made it kind of epic not finishing it (most likely you didnt feel like finshing) it gives the reader suspence and curiosity