December 23, 2011

Awkward Arrangements

This is just a small section of a story I wrote...Audrey is a princess who has found out she is to be married to her friend Seth who is a prince. Reactions?

At this point, they came to the top of
the hill and Audrey caught sight of Seth on the other side, directing a young
boy to take his horse back to the stables. The prince looked up and caught
sight of Audrey. She froze under his gaze. There he was. Seth of Colonia; her
future husband. He was no longer just Seth of Colonia; her friend. This was
much more awkward than Audrey had anticipated. She had expected nervous
feelings, anger, rejection, practically anything, but not what she felt right
As she walked down the hill, she tried
to observe him and calm her feelings. He was still too far away for her to see
his expressions, but he was clearly looking at her. What was he thinking? Was
he upset that she had come? Was he feeling as awkward as she was right now? As
Audrey came closer to him, she took in details that she never fully noticed
before. His hair was black, like his sisters’, but it was completely straight.
She couldn’t tell whether he was pale or tan; he seemed to be strangely both.
He had grown taller since the last time she had seen him. Had those muscles
always been there? It surprised Audrey how much she hadn’t noticed about his
appearance. She finally came to a stop in front of him. After an awkward moment
of hesitation, she curtsied low to the ground. “My lord,” she said. Her voice was
He brought her to a standing position
with his hand on hers. “My lady,” he returned, inclining his head to her. She
noticed his face was full of emotions, but none of them were fathomable to her.
Golden Sun snorted. “Oh. This is for
you,” Audrey said, thrusting the bridle into Seth’s hand. “His name is Golden
Seth stared at the bridle in his hand.
“Thank you.” Why did this seem so awkward? They had gotten along alright before
the engagement. Audrey stared up at the balcony and immediately looked away.
The King, Queen, and princesses were all watching the scene intently. After a
few moments, Seth cleared his throat. “Would you like to go for a ride?”


  1. I like the scene it is great, very good description of the prince and nice way to show her feelings. The only problem i had was the last two paragraphs, they were hard for me to follow. Who is golden sun? and whats up with him?

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  3. I think it's adorable that they both feel awkward. The details are nice and I like how you showed that she noticed those new things about him. I look forward to reading more of this.