December 23, 2011

Hannukah Acrostic!

Happy Jew times!
Always playing dreidel
Never crying
Never fighting
Unguided Jews might forget
Kick yourself if you burn the house down with the menorah
Achem! Adonai (God in Hebrew <3 )


  1. yes, just yes. LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS!!! You probably play a bit more dreidel than I do, but it's so much fun!! It is true, we Jews never cry or fight each other, especially not on Hanukkah!!! I understand the risk of burning down houses with a menorah. I hear there was an arsonist in Kansas who burned down houses exclusively using a menorah. It was crazy. So anywho, I loved the poem and it makes me so happy to read this stuff.

  2. Look at you go! Dude I gotta say I love Jews, my wife is a Jew (don't read into that, she's just my best friend xD) and I have to say you made me smile. It was funny, vivid, and overall just a pleasant thing to read. I love how you threw in Jewish terms like candy. This poem makes me want to become a Jew. Nora, you make me want to convert my religion. That takes balls and some solid words. I like your face <3