December 23, 2011

Limericks Suck

This is my limerick about how much I hate limericks. Enjoy.

I don't like to write the poem, limerick
The man who invented them I'd like to kick
The poems are too hard
So i cry in my yard
and stay home and pretend to be sick.


  1. Aw, you shouldn't have to stay home and pretend to be sick. I love limericks and I love the irony of writing a limerick about hating limericks. The rhyme scheme was good and it followed all the rules a limerick should. I'd pay to see you kick the man who invented limericks, that be hilarious. I'd like to know why you hate limericks and I'd love to see your other limericks.

  2. Simple, straight to the point, and fesity. Sounds like you in a poem. I dig this. I appreciate your honesty. You wrote a simple poem that basically just tells the reader SCREW LIMERICKS, damn caps lock. But I digress, I think you wrote a cute little poem that rhymed well and didn't take things to seriously. Like that and I like your style. Keep throwing out awesome work for everyone to absorb.