December 23, 2011


I saw the best minds of my generation corrupted.
Anger, drugs, lust, depression all can make a person go insane from the inside-out.
Memories are nothing but a whisper from the past, yet they do so much damage.
They call it experience, but it is just the fear of failing.
They call it love, but it is just a disease you never want to heal from.
Is it just my own thoughts, or am I blind on loving someone so dearly,
that my heart explodes with pain and fear,
and then joy when I think of them?
If that is the case, I have loved.
But I never want to love again.
The pain I felt is nothing I could really bear.
Anger has brought out the worst in me,
from pain of love and the people who persist to piss me off.
Vision blurred with tears of pure agony,
I cannot control my need to see their blood splattered over pavements.
Music heals the soul, but only for so long.
Whispers of the past and shadows of the future make me do their bidding.
Watch the people make mistakes, and corrupt themselves with the wrongs and rights.
If this is the case, I have been corrupted,
And I choose to stay the way I am.

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